Agreement Between Builder And Sole Selling Agent

9. Plenipotentiaries transmit the correctors through (i) all the goods they receive; (ii) all contracts they have received; (iii) the indication of all sales; (iv) other transactions and (v) all funds they receive and spend for and on behalf of the goods of each quarter to the company during the first week of each quarter. The company has the right to check the accounts with the accounts. (4) Agents are entitled to a commission of 4% (four per cent) on the net proceeds from the sale of these products. However, the commission must be paid on the money actually received and not on the unpaid debts. All legal products of this real estate agency contract are carried out under the aforementioned jurisdiction. As part of an exclusive agency, a seller is authorized to receive the commission or any other premium agreed upon at the time of the sale of the property and in accordance with the terms of an agreement, whether or not the seller is the actual reason for the sale. If the property for sale is a residential property, the appointment can last up to 90 days. The appointment may include the provision that, at the end of the exclusive agency`s life, the appointment of the representative continues on an open list that can be terminated at any time by the agent or owner. Therefore, the agent is responsible for all federal and municipal taxes payable on the commissions of this agreement.

(2) Representatives sell the company`s products and work conscientiously to promote and sell the company`s products. 18. Agents may not transfer or transfer the Agency to another person without the company`s written consent. An open offer is a written agreement between the owner and the seller under which the owner names the seller in accordance with the terms of the agreement to sell the property. Under the agreement, the seller reserves the right to sell the property himself for the duration of the contract or to appoint additional sellers to sell the property on terms similar to those provided by the agreement. In this type of order, the ordered seller is only allowed to pay if he is the effective reason for the sale. The agent`s appointment can be made at any time either by the owner or by the agent. 12. Agents may not buy, sell or process products manufactured by the company without the written consent of the company or during the agency`s pursuit. CET ACCORD is under…………….. das……………..

Day of……………. 20……………between: 5. The company will not make direct sales of its products on the territory of the State of Rajasthan and all requests, orders and correspondence received by the company in this area will be forwarded to the representatives to be processed. The agreement on the real estate agency, together with the attached documents, constitutes the whole agreement between the contracting parties. In the event that the seller decides not to sell the property before the end of the terms of this real estate agency contract, and the seller will be offered a bona-fide price by a buyer they refuse, the commission of this sale will be due to the broker, as if the offer had been accepted. 14. Agents file with the company a security of rs……….. cash for the proper execution of the agreement. Enforcement assistants are entitled to simple interest of 18% per year on the amount of the guarantee they have deposited with the company and which must be paid each year at the time of account counting. Without prejudice to its other rights, the entity may, at its sole discretion, adjust the security rights or losses it has suffered as a result of the violation or non-compliance with the terms of this agreement. (8) Agents correctly observe all the goods they receive; (ii) sales information; (iii) all credits granted for a commodity.